Wild Animals Costumes

From a jungle party to a funky fashion show, we have you covered at all times with our wild animal costume collection. With quality fabrics and myriads of sizes, you are sure to be satisfied with the result. We put comfort first and the costumes are easy to manage for children. 

If all else fails, dressing up as an animal works every time. With that thought in mind, we have prepared an extensive catalogue including myriads of different animals to choose from. 


Bear-ing in mind that this monstrosity of an animal looks actually pretty cute and is an inspiration for many cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Baloo, Yogi the bear, etc. we’ve created the best outfit for your child. Two colour variations are also available, black and brown so that you can get exactly what you want. 


This polka-dotted deer costume will fit snugly and your little one will have a great time running around wearing it. The costume can also be easily transformed into Rudolph by adding a red nose and a bell collar!


We’re sure your child will be able to “crush” all his opponents with this adorable elephant costume. He’ll feel powerful with the majestic trunk, ready to lash out on anyone who dares snatch his food. 


Let the witty side of your child unfold with this fox costume. Whether it’s Nick Wilde or Robin Hood, your kid is sure to shine. But it’s advised to stay on your guard at all times as the added cunning might try to steal your phone away from you. 


Children will feel like they’re on top of the world with this trendy giraffe costume. With the raised hood, they could watch over everybody wherever they go (or simply pretend to)!


After watching King Kong and playing Donkey Kong, one thing which every child notices and tries to replicate is the beating of the chest and howling at the top of their lungs. This costume will bring on their noisy nature (so you should probably prepare yourself with a pair of noise-canceling headphones and store all your valuables).


That pouch is perfect for storing all the candies your kid wants. Kids relentlessly bounce around the house leaving a trail of destruction behind them, this costume would at least give them a good reason to jump all they want to stay in character. 


Your kid will look ferociously cute in this outfit and is bound to stand out among everyone else just as the king of the jungle does. Just let a roar out to let everyone know who’s the boss. 


This is perfect for any occasion, from a birthday party to a competition. Jumping, eating bananas, imitating other people, everything is easy to achieve with children as they are always monkey-ing around anyway.


Arguably the cutest animal to ever exist, therefore it is the perfect costume to enhance your child’s inherent cuteness. It can also be used to act out Kung Fu Panda! 


Let’s be honest, they are cute as hell, especially with those huge teeth nibbling on them carrots. Your child will love this costume, and might even gobble up some healthy carrots to get in the role!


This deadly creature sneaks up on you and attacks when you’re defenseless, sounds familiar, right? But we assure you, there was no poison involved in the making of this costume and yet, it’ll take everyone’s breath away.


One of the most majestic animals will now turn cute as a button with this tiger costume. It’ll fit snugly and protect your kid from all attacks. 


Zebras aren’t very common, but they’re patterns enthral everyone. Your child will love flaunting his white and black stripes and maybe he’ll learn a pun or two about crossings. 


We offer a large collection of animals as it is one of the most recurring themes in parties and fancy dress competitions. It also takes minimal effort to prepare your little one with our carefully done costumes, which don’t require makeup as the hoodies contain the features of the animal. Hope you have a good time!

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