Underwater creatures

Underwater and aquatic creatures are very popular among the kids for fancy dresses and parties, thanks to Nemo and Oswald. Children find the underwater creatures extremely fascinating, you can tell that by seeing their nose pressed against every aquarium they encounter. Therefore, not only princesses and freedom fighters, we included aquatic animals to our collection as well. 

We’ve included the most common and demanded costumes, check below to choose one for your kid now!


The friendliest and the loveliest inhabitant of the sea, dolphins are always in demand. We offer a full costume which makes your child look adorable and he will definitely stand out from the crowd. The costume comes in a light blue and white colour. 

Fish cutout

A fish walking horizontally is bound to trip everyone up. We have created high-quality fish cutouts of different colours which you can choose from. There is a blue (you can easily turn him into Nemo), a black, and a golden-blue amalgamation which looks dazzling.


This dress consists of an orange and yellow jumper that would fit your child perfectly. A goldfish is included in the hood of the costume to give the costume a more wholesome feel.


Your little one will look the cutest waddling around in this penguin costume. It is an overall which would cover your kid from head to toe and you don’t need to accessorize as we’ve covered all the bases.


By adding suspenders and 8 legs flowing below the main dress, we’ve created the perfect octopus costume. You can wear it over your regular clothes, which makes the execution even easier. You can add a little hat to the ensemble to make it into Oswald. 

Jelly Fish

When your child wears this jellyfish costume, they’ll turn everyone into jelly with their cuteness. The tentacles are included in the headdress and the whole costume is bright orange so that the dress stands out.


No one will be terrified of your child when they wear this adorable costume. As long as they don’t open their mouths, sharks are more majestic than scary and that will be the case with anyone who wears this costume.


We offer two crocodile costumes, one with a spotted exterior and one with a plain green skin. Both have similar designs, with the snout appearing on the headdress of the costume.


The whole starfish is attached to the headdress of the costume which is red-coloured. The starfish can double as a plush toy as well, so you’ll get a two-in-one deal with this costume. 


Let your child hop around the whole house while wearing this lovable costume. You can make him hop on all fours, extra exercise for your child. And with or comfortable and fitting costumes, you won’t encounter any problem while doing any task.


Beware of your little one’s powerful sting while he’s wearing this costume. Whether your kid wants to be Mr. Krabs or Sebastian, our costume will serve the purpose for everything. 


With a little backpack like shell on the back, our turtle costume tries to pack in all the details. Don’t worry, this will not affect the speed of your child but will definitely add to his power and life.

Our costumes are selected with care and come in various different sizes for all your needs. We offer a wide range of collections based on other themes that you can check out as well. The process of renting out is very easy to execute and you won’t encounter any problems. 

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