Princess Costumes

Childhood means a lot of Disney movies and a lot of dressing up. From books to movies, every girl has a favourite princess, which decides their Halloween and birthday costume every year. If it remains constant, don’t worry we offer our costumes in all sizes so that you don’t run into any kind of problem. 

We offer a wide selection of dresses which you can choose from. 

Snow white

Your little one will be the fairest of them all wearing this beautiful Snow-white dress. And if you have a little party going on, you could easily make 7 dwarves and you’ve got yourself a complete theme party.


One of the first princesses introduced to kids is Cinderella. This blue costume will bring out the best in your daughter. And all she will need to take care of is keeping her glass slippers on.

Gretel (from Hansel & Gretel)

Hansel and Gretel is a jackpot for most parents. You get to teach so many lessons from the story. Not to be greedy, not to eat too much candy, not to get lured by strangers. But you’ll probably still have to get a whole lot of candy for your kids. Impart the knowledge with this beautiful red-and-white Gretel costume.

Belle (from Beauty and the beast)

Ever since Emma Watson played Belle in Beauty and the beast movie, the demand for this strong and beautiful princess has definitely surged. We won’t let your child remain disappointed as we have got the perfect costume to portray this character.


Her strong-willed character is loved by children, especially when they are going through a rebellious phase. We have made the perfect blue costume to mimic Jasmine’s character so that your little one can bring her to life at your home.


Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid when they’re small. Especially when it’s a mermaid who sings, daydreams, and goes on adventures all the time. We can’t help with the red hair, but apart from that, we’ve covered everything in our outfit. 

Aurora (Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty )

This fairy-tale is full of drama and romance, not to mention the beautiful and sweet princess Aurora. Our dress has a black bodice attached to the frock and you don’t need to worry about anything except keeping the spinning wheel out of reach.


Every girl dreams of having long and luscious hair like Rapunzel. And every child also dreams of getting away from their homes to explore the outside world, which makes Rapunzel very relatable to all children. The costume is a flowy purple gown available in all sizes.


The brave Merida in her blue gown, carrying a bow and arrow is an inspiration for many children. Girls want to be like her and we help you with this task by providing just the right costume. 


Your kid will definitely stand out from the crowd with our detailed costume which includes a white skirt and red blouse. You can accessorize with the necklace and a small oar to complete the look.


If your kid just doesn’t let it go, and wants to be Elsa all the time, don’t fret and just get our costume at every occasion. We’ve tried to capture all the details in this blue gown so that the dress feels authentic to your child and they make the most out of it.


If there is an Elsa demand, there is bound to be an Anna demand from your kid as well. The gown is tailored to perfection and you can have a Frozen party anytime now!


Princess Elena is a great leader and a great inspiration to many children. We provide a red gown, add a tiara to it and let your little one rule the house for a day. 


Every child relates to Sofia as she is the same age as them. The only difference being, she has to prepare herself to be the princess at such a young age. Let your child take the same journey as Sofia by getting them this gown for her coronation.

Red Riding Hood

One of the most told stories in childhood is the story of little red riding hood. Again, a story that imparts a lot of moral lessons. We provide the famous red cape and gown for a fulfilling experience.


Princess Eilonwy of Llyr is relatable as she appears as a talkative and affectionate princess in the film The Black Cauldron. Her attire is a pink gown with a black vest, and we have tried to capture that same essence in our costume.

Tinker Bell

With her short green dress, fairy wings, and magic wand, Tinker Bell is one of the most loved characters. Your little one would love to enact one of the adventures of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan while wearing this outfit.

You can book yourself these costumes in no time and they’ll be at your doorstep at the delivery date. Our system is very easy to understand and execute. If you experience any problems, our customer care is always ready to help you out. Have a good time with your princess! 

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