Costumes Based on Occupations

Here at Rentsake we offer a multitude of costumes based on occupations you can choose from. From a humble milkman or farmer to lawyers and astronauts, we have got you covered for all your needs. 

Dressing up like a certain professional not only helps your child win a competition but also provides them with basic knowledge of these professions and a sense of respect is instilled in them as they get familiarized with that profession’s struggles and services. 


This blue dungaree costume will help your child brave all difficulties and feel strong. Firefighter is an especially noble profession and full of heroics and selflessness. Let your child feel his strength and save everyone in need around them as he can be the next FIreman Sam!

Defence services

Our nation’s army, navy, commandos and police forces are all unsung heroes. We have replicated their uniforms to give your child the best experience and feel pride in the work these professions do for our country. The khakis and other uniforms are bejeweled too! 

Your child will love walking around in these uniforms, saluting everyone.

Air hostess

All things flying hold a lot of interest for children. Airplanes are no exception to that rule. You’ve probably heard one too many times that your daughter wants to be an air hostess once she grows up, and you can give her a taste of that future with this perfectly tailored costume.

Hospital staff

Children are always fascinated by doctors and nurses. One of the first things that come in the list of children’s “I want to be” is a doctor. Matched with a stethoscope and some injections, your child can go on about their busy schedule checking everyone for diseases, or just play doctor-doctor.


Mechanic sets are popular among children. They like building things, although certainly not more than destroying them. This costume will help amplify the building and repairing the capabilities of your child (but keep them away from danger!)


Postman’s are certainly becoming a thing of the past and we don’t want them to get lost in between email and WhatsApp. This costume will help your child realize the difficulties faced in communicating with people living far away.


This shiny gold costume will be the light of the party and is sure to not go unnoticed. For added effects you can prepare some cut-outs of planets and moon and make your little one feel as though they are really in outer space!


A great idea to introduce your child to the very roots of our country. This is also widely used in plays and skits involving children.


Almost every event in a school requires someone to dress up as a teacher, and we have just got the perfect outfit for your child. They love imitating everyone, especially their teachers, and this costume will help them effectively realize the teacher’s position to look all the more convincing.

Restaurant workers

The first time your child makes Maggi, sandwiches, or even tea, they consider themselves the greatest chef there was. Our restaurant worker’s collection includes costumes for both a chef (of course including the hat) and a waiter (for the kids who enjoy decorating and serving more)!


With the rise of political awareness among children, politicians are the new targets of children’s imitation. We carry specific costumes of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Babasaheb Ambedkar for ease in plays and skits. 


Spinach is not the only thing made popular by Popeye. Children seem fascinated by sailing and all the leisures that come with it. Give them a chance to explore everything like Christopher Columbus! 


Lawyers are a regular sight in movies, television, and the news. With their long flowing black robe and band around their neck, they appeal a lot to the children as they fight for justice. 


Successful, suave, and classy, we carry the best costume to transform your child into a cute and confident businessman. He is bound to look the smartest little kid in the whole room.

We make participating in competitions easier and smoother for you with our collection of costumes, which also include plumber, milkman, vegetable seller, engineer, etc.. With our different sizes available and easy communication, the whole process won’t take you more than a few minutes and you can focus more on your child and his performance. 

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